March 2017

Mulch – Healthy Icing on the Cake

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by Aaron Graves As we drove away from a job yesterday afternoon, I looked out the rear view of the truck. I admired the finished look of the home we had just left. The finely ground, dark brown, hardwood mulch we had just put down truly set off the beauty of the colonial white two story. We didn't install the landscaping. We simply provided the maintenance. The customers had all of the right plants in all [...]

Fighting Your Way Back to a Green Lawn

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by Aaron Graves So you're listening to NPR, pulling out of your drive, and heading off to work when your realize that your lawn is not nearly as green and lush as your neighbor's yard (let's call him Bill for all practical purposes). In your head, you say to yourself, "I should be able to have a yard like that. Heck, Bill just moved in, doesn't seem that smart, and definitely isn't that handy around [...]

Spring Clean Up

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Your Personal Pot of Gold by Aaron Graves It's March 18th, the day after St. Patrick's Day. If you're like me, you will be stashing all of your green, looking for discount deals for next year's Emerald Extravaganza. Then you say to yourself, "Wait… is it getting warm again? Is that plant budding?," and it hits you. Spring is here. Even though it's been the warmest winter on record, it's always [...]