It’s Spring, it’s Wednesday and it’s raining again. You know it. Every Spring, Mother Nature challenges you to get all of your outdoor chores done in between the snow, rain, and downright nastiest types of weather.  And since March 20th (the first day of Spring this year), over half the days have been just those kind of days.  So, how do you get it all done and still get to enjoy the warm and sunny golf days?

Well, the easiest way is to hire a professional. Most of them do not mind working in crummy conditions. It is what they do on a regular basis. They are the 82nd Airborne of outdoor professionals.  You will also find yourself  often time and money ahead. When a homeowner looks at money paid to a landscape professional to do a job and analyzes how much time if would take them, they often find that they can make more far more money in that same amount of time in their profession. If you make $30 an hour and spend 8 hours doing a job that you pay someone only $130, was that really a good use of your time?

However, if you simply refuse to hire a professional, due to whatever reason, then here are Red Hawk Landscape LLC’s tips to Spring outdoor maintenance success:

#1 – Never Procrastinate – Outdoor maintenance and gardening is all about preparation and timing. In order to enjoy the great days and evenings lounging around on your patio or inviting your friends over to grill, you must put a schedule together that creates time in the “not so perfect” times. This is often first thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning or right after work. I know… that is the LAST thing you want to do then. But, to have a beautifully maintained yard, landscape and home it is the only way.

#2 – Maintain Your Tools –  Properly functioning and maintained tools is a must in any line of work and yard work is no different. This means checking all of your tools in the Winter before putting them to bed and getting them repaired over the Winter. If you missed that ship, then you will be scrambling for a long line in a repair shop or a new tool.

A few tricks of the trade are to sharp blades and keeping the grass accumulation down on the underside of your mower. Keep lubrication on everything. That means grease what needs to be greased. Use lithium grease or WD40 on your trimmer blades every no and again. And, reload your string trimmer head now… before you get half way through the job one night as dusk approaches and you run out.

#3 – Get Some Good Boots – Weather proof boots can make all of the difference. I prefer water resistant hiking boots with a steel shank in the bottom. The waterproof is obvious in reasoning. The firm, steel shank sole ensures you do not injure your foot when shoveling. Happy feet… happy gardener.

#4 – Don’t Let It Get Too Long – Stay on the short side of mowing and pruning. Rather than letting it the grass go 9 days during the Spring, mow it every 5.  This will keep you from fighting overgrown grass blades that clump up and cause you to have to bag, rake, blow out the clumps or even mow it twice. This same concept applies to pruning your shrubs.

#5 – Get a Good Blower – A good blower saves times, helps to clean up fast and will just make you look like you know what you are doing 😉

Hope these tips helped.

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