It is tough to think about snow removal when the total Springfield, IL winter precipitation accumulation over the last 365 days has not even been enough to keep you wiener dog from going outside uncomfortably.  The total count here in the greater Springfield area has been less than 3 inches… miniscule by any weather man’s account.  But if you have ever played the Stock Market, the lottery or have ever sat next to a friend on the local gambling machine, then you know that eventually the big one comes in.  And when it comes pays, it is usually big.

We are easily through December, one of Old Man Winter’s snowiest months (Happy New Year, btw).  However, according the National Weather Service record, since 1988, three of the snowiest months are still yet to come. Historically, the three snowiest months in Illinois are January, February and March.  In January of 1987, we received 20.3 inches of snowfall. In January of 1997, we received 19.3 inches of fluffy traffic stopper.  And only four years ago in March of 2013, we received 19.6 inches of polycrystal.

Additionally, if you have been following the snowfall around the nation, we have barely missed some back-breaking snowfalls in every direction. Five inches in Brownesville, TX. A sight some Texans have never witnessed. Fifty three inches in Erie, PA. People digging neighbors out of their homes just to drop in for egg nog. And just last evening (December 29, 2017), while driving back from up north, I passed through Peoria, Illinois as they were receiving four to five inches of surprisingly, fast and furious white powder throughout the Whiskey City.

So what’s the solution? Fairly simple. Either stock up on shovels, salt melt and wood for the fireplace or reach out to us. We are more than prepared for any situation that Mother Nature throws our way. We have 4 plow trucks, 2 bobcats, a half dozen snow blowers and a crew full of “Winter Soldiers” ready to get out and battle the snow.

Call, text, email us today to lock in a spot this Winter. No gambling is even necessary to save money. We provide a 10 percent discount for senior citizens, teachers and veterans. Then, sit back and relax… because winter worries will become distant thing of the past.

Happy New Year,