No Crabgrass in My Easter Basket, Please

When you were a kid, spring was the reminder of all things free. Nothing could take away the joy we felt as each day got a little longer and a little warmer. All that grass reminded you of was back yards,  colorful baskets, painted eggs and loads of candy. But as we have reached our more "mature" years, spring has become a reminder of all the things we need to get done... all of those [...]

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Green and Gold – Get That Olympian Lawn Again

In the midwest, never does it get slower than February. After two hard months of Winter, and binge watching 15 shows, the Olympics have been a godsend. Coincidentally, as our country men and women soar to great victory, never does a lawn look worse... salt damaged from driveway overspill, pet or kid damaged from usage, the turf in it's dormant brown state, trash from who-knows-where blowing up around your landscape beds, and patches of old [...]

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Snow Way It’s Going to Happen This Year (But What If It Does???)

  It is tough to think about snow removal when the total Springfield, IL winter precipitation accumulation over the last 365 days has not even been enough to keep you wiener dog from going outside uncomfortably.  The total count here in the greater Springfield area has been less than 3 inches... miniscule by any weather man's account.  But if you have ever played the Stock Market, the lottery or have ever sat next to a [...]

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Rainy Days and Long Grass Always Get Me Down

It's Spring, it's Wednesday and it's raining again. You know it. Every Spring, Mother Nature challenges you to get all of your outdoor chores done in between the snow, rain, and downright nastiest types of weather.  And since March 20th (the first day of Spring this year), over half the days have been just those kind of days.  So, how do you get it all done and still get to enjoy the warm and sunny [...]

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Mulch – Healthy Icing on the Cake

by Aaron Graves As we drove away from a job yesterday afternoon, I looked out the rear view of the truck. I admired the finished look of the home we had just left. The finely ground, dark brown, hardwood mulch we had just put down truly set off the beauty of the colonial white two story. We didn't install the landscaping. We simply provided the maintenance. The customers had all of the right plants in all [...]

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Fighting Your Way Back to a Green Lawn

by Aaron Graves So you're listening to NPR, pulling out of your drive, and heading off to work when your realize that your lawn is not nearly as green and lush as your neighbor's yard (let's call him Bill for all practical purposes). In your head, you say to yourself, "I should be able to have a yard like that. Heck, Bill just moved in, doesn't seem that smart, and definitely isn't that handy around [...]

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Spring Clean Up

Your Personal Pot of Gold by Aaron Graves It's March 18th, the day after St. Patrick's Day. If you're like me, you will be stashing all of your green, looking for discount deals for next year's Emerald Extravaganza. Then you say to yourself, "Wait… is it getting warm again? Is that plant budding?," and it hits you. Spring is here. Even though it's been the warmest winter on record, it's always [...]

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